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2018/2019 Pricing Schedule 

Session Packages 

Prices include travel to location, photo session, post session computer processing, retouching, and digital images that you OWN.  Many other photographer's advertised prices are for the photo session only.  See other important details below.

Basic:  This type of session allows for a few basic poses, and does not include wardrobe changes because of time constraints.  30 minutes.  **Typically includes 10-15 digital images.

$85 - up to 6 people                    

Deluxe:  This type of session allows for more time for creative posing and individual portraits for group members.  60 minutes.  **Typically includes 20-25 digital images.

$150 - up to 6 people                 

Premium:  This type of session allows for more time for creativity, wardrobe changes, multiple locations, etc.  1.5-2 hours, as needed.  ** Typically includes 30-40 images.

$175 - up to 6 people (ex. engagement, seniors)                              

$200 and up - Large family or group (including multiple groupings and individual portraits)

Infant & Newborn:  This is a session in your home preferably when the baby is less than 10 days old for newborn posing, or not yet crawling for infant. 2-3 hours, as needed.

Includes setup of lighting, backdrop, and posing equipment. Also includes a few photos with the new parents.  

** Image number depends on the amount of time that baby is sleeping or happily participating. The baby is in charge of the session <3

$200 - includes one complimentary 8x10 or 11x14 print from a professional printer.

Mini:  15 minute session at specified location on select dates.  Details available when advertised.  **Typically includes 5 digital images.

Custom:  Can include event photography, large groups, etc. Details will be determined at the time of booking, based upon client needs.

Prices can vary depending on special requests by the client. Pricing includes travel expenses and several hours of work after the photo session ends.

** The number of digital images depends on posing time and the size of the group. Larger groups require more time for posing, and typically yield fewer finished photos than photographing individuals.

Email to schedule your photo session:

Each session includes the following:

Previously agreed upon on location photography and posing, as time allows during your appointment time

Online photo gallery shareable on social media

Prescribed number of digital image downloads, including basic retouching as necessary

- A CD or flash drive of digital images can be included for $5.

- Additional retouching can be added by client request for an additional charge

- I select those that I think are best to be included with your session fee.  Additional images may be available for purchase. 

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